Railway passenger alert! Get instant refund on cancelling train tickets – Know how

Railway passenger alert! Get instant refund on cancelling train tickets – Know how

In what comes a piece of good news for train passengers, you can now get refunds for your cancelled tickets in a much shorter time. IRCTC has introduced an AutoPay facility in its payments gateway iPay through which the refund will be directly credited to your account. This initiative by IRCTC can be considered as a major reform in the history of train ticketing. Now passengers who cancel tickets won’t have to wait for too long to get a refund.

1. IRCTC-iPay

IRCTC’s iPay gateway – AutoPay will also provide faster booking of train tickets as it makes the payment faster. This will also increase the chances of passengers getting confirmed tickets and also save them a lot of time.

2. How does this work?

If you want you to get a refund immediately as soon as you cancel the ticket, you will only have to book the tickets via UPI bank account or other means of payment. The payment instrument will then be authorised for further transactions. Refunds will be debited to your account immediately whenever you cancel the ticket.

3. What was the mechanism earlier

So far, if the passenger booked the train ticket and did not get a confirmed ticket or cancelled the ticket, the refund money used to come in a day or two as IRCTC used the banks’ gateway so far. But, now IRCTC has not only upgraded its website, but it has also launched its payment gateway IRCTC-iPay, which has gone live.

4. Tatkal bookings

IRCTC-iPay will also facilitate payment in ticket booking, so millions of passengers who book Tatkal tickets daily will be facilitated as they will not be stuck and will increase the likelihood of getting confirmed tickets.

5. Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission

The IRCTC said that it upgraded its user interface keeping in view the Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission of the central government. The IRCTC is making quick changes to its website as it is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the Asia-Pacific. The improvement would benefit many as about 83 per cent of its reserve tickets are booked on the website, said the IRCTC.

6. Reliability

The IRCTC suggests that the AutoPay facility in this case would also increase the reliability of getting a ticket booked. It not only makes the refund procedure much easier, but the new payment gateway would reduce the time it takes to book a ticket as well.